Frank Schneider Memorial Muskie Tournament 2023 Final Standings

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The 2023 Frank Schneider Memorial Muskie Tournament was held September 8, 9, and 10. 309 anglers participated, with 47 of them registering 61 muskies 40 inches or over during the event. Nearly 20% of the muskies were 48 inches or longer, with 4 over 50 inches. Nine anglers registered more than one fish. 

First place finisher was Ayden Froeschle, who also won the event in 2022.  Ayden registered an amazing 7 muskies from Lake Winnibigoshish this year. His efforts earned him a week-long trip to Red Wing Lodge on Lake of the Woods, as well as a new 2B rod, a reel from Abu Garcia, and Berkley line.

Junior winner was Jayden Mackay with a 48.5-inch muskie, his first ever, caught on Leech Lake. 

Diane Hobot caught two muskies to win the ladies bonus. The Bob Kubista Senior bonus, given to the top seniors who elected to compete for the bonus, went to Don Thomas and Kevin Walsh. Each received a plaque and bonus cash.

The four anglers who registered muskies 50 inches or over each get a $50-for-50 gift certificate from Thorne Bros. The longest fish of the tournament was a 51-incher caught by Chad Hobot. He will receive a replica of the fish courtesy of Lax Reproductions and the Twin Cities chapter of Muskies, Inc.

The Grand Prize this year was divided into three equal amounts, tripling the chances of winning. Grand prize winners of $2,870 each were Hunter Yliniemi, who caught his first muskie ever, Darin Grabau, and Jerry Pellinen. 

2023 Final Standings


1Ayden Froeschle45, 45, 43, 44.5, 48, 46.5, 42104Winnibigoshish
2Dylan Zimmerman47.5, 47 34.5Leech
3Chad Hobot43, 5134Leech
4Diane Hobot45, 4833Leech
5Joe Clark50, 4232Leech
6Kevin Greenberg48, 4230Cass
7Allen Carpentier43, 4225Leech
8Ron Olson42, 41.523.5Mantrap
9Jordan Welter45, 40.523.5Leech
10Don Thomas5020Bemidji
11Lucas Higgenbotham5020Cass
12Zac Godfrey4919Leech
13Jackson Maalis48.518.5Winnibogoshish
14Tim Capouch48.518.5Wolf
15Jerry Pellinen4818Big
16Dan Burrow4717Leech
17John Holmgren4616Leech
18Bob Landreville4616Leech
19Kevin Krause45.515.5Pike Bay
20Daniel Rudolph45.515.5Leech
21Matt Siefert45.515.5Leech
22Hunter Yliniemi45.515.5Plantagenet
23Joe Grupa44.514.5Mantrap
24Kevin Walsh44.514.5Winnigogoshish
25Stuart Sorenson4414Cass
26Al Wurm4414Cass
27Scott Urhammer4414Cass
28Tim Weinkauf4313Plantagenet
29Jon Mart4313Leech
30John Olson4313Leech
31Mike Duell42.512.5Cass
32Donnie Manz42.512.5Pike Bay
33Joe Page42.512.5Leech
34Dru Curley4212Big
35Scott Bringle4212Cass
36Darin Grabau4111Leech
37Corey Gale40.510.5Leech
38Jim Gugin40.510.5Leech
39Blaine Olson40.510.5Leech
40Eric Bakke40.510.5Leech
41Chris Tresco40.510.5Leech
42Brandon Rieker40.510.5Cass
43Michael DeRoy4010Inguidona
44Simon Black4010Wabedo
45Jason Hansen4010Leech
46Chris Williams4010Leech


1Jaden Mackay48.518.5Leech