Officers and Board of Directors

Chapter elections are held at the December chapter meeting. Members on the Board of Directors serve for two-year terms starting in January. Officers are elected from among the Board Members and serve a one-year term. Committee Chairpersons do not have to be members of the Board of Directors.

2023 Chapter Officers

    President, Jim Doyle
    1st Vice President, Casey Friskney
    2nd Vice President, Jim Kroupa
    Treasurer, Steve Agrimson
    Secretary, John Sadusky
    Chapter Representative, John Sadusky


Committee Chairpersons

Board of Directors

    Frank Schneider Tournament, Casey Friskney
    George Wahl Tournament, Denise Olson
    Members Only Contest, Erik Chrissis
    High School Tournament, Jeff Nelson
    Youth Director, Cody Klaus
    Sportsman’s Banquet, Nolen Ryba
    Veteran’s Home Opener, Troy Zuelzke
    Stocking and Projects, John Newman
    Sponsorship/Procurement, Nolen Ryba
    Speakers/Show Booth, Greg Ide
    Merchandise, Eric Schultz
    Hugh C. Becker Grant Committee, George Selcke

    Steve Agrimson, 2023 | 2024
    Jim Doyle, 2023 | 2024
    Casey Friskney, 2023 | 2024
    Greg Ide, 2022 | 2023
    Craig Johnson, 2022 | 2023
    Pete Kemmer, 2023 | 2024
    Cody Klaus, 2022 | 2023
    Jim Kroupa, 2022 | 2023
    Dale Mueller, 2023 | 2024
    John Newman, 2023 | 2024
    Denise Olson, 2023 | 2024
    John Sadusky, 2023 | 2024
    Eric Schultz, 2022 | 2023