Frank Schneider Muskie Tournament 2019 Final Standings

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The 2019 Annual Frank Schneider Jr. Memorial Muskie Tournament saw 90 qualifying (40-inch+) muskies caught/released/registered by 73 people, with one 39.5-inch northern registered as well. This was a big fish event, with the total number of 50-inch+ fish with two absolute monsters – 55.5- and 54-inches – and an average fish size of about 44.5 inches. Ten people doubled up, one tripled, and for the second year in a row, it took it took four fish from one individual, to take the top spot.

All of the top ten winners received an Abu Garcia rod and reel combo, Sébile lure, and Berkley leaders courtesy of tournament sponsors, Pure Fishing. James Hanson, fishing Winnibigoshish, took first place with his four muskies. In addition to the product from Pure Fishing, he received a week stay at Red Wing Lodge, Lake of the Woods courtesy of Mike and Annie Bartlett and their family.

Aaron Peterson caught one of the largest tournament fish ever registered in the 52-year history with his 55.5-inch Bemidji beast! He will receive a replica of the 55.5-incher courtesy of Lax Replicas and the Twin Cities chapter. He also registered a 49.25-incher for second place in the tournament.

Here are the notable highlights from this year:

  • The ladies showed up to fish yet again, with Erin Sollund, Elizabeth Westlund, and Diane Nguyen claiming the women’s bonus for the top three muskies.
  • Abu Garcia gave newly-redesigned Beast reels to the top three anglers who registered the longest fish caught using an Abu Garcia reel.
  • A check for $3,500 was presented to the area MN DNR for the area’s muskie fishery.
  • A Lifetime Minnesota Fishing License was won by lucky youth participant, Bode Campbell.
  • Muskies, Inc. Twin Cities Chapter was recognized for their support of Musky Mission Complete, a nonprofit event that pairs 12 Veterans with 6 dedicated muskie guides for an all expenses paid 3 days of healing, camaraderie, and fishing on a trophy muskie lake.

2019 Final Standings


1James Hanson46.5, 45, 43.25, 41.7556.50Winnibigoshish
2Aaron Peterson49.25, 55.544.75Bemidji
3Alex McLean48, 43.5, 4041.50Bemidji
4Al Wurm46.25, 48.7535.00Cass
5Eric Bakke48.25, 4432.25Plantagenet
6Joe Jerhoff5030.00Plantagenet
7Riley Full47.5, 42.2529.75Bemidji
8Dru Curley45.5, 42.528.00Big
9Paul Thorne46, 41.2527.25Cass
10Scott Campbell44, 4327.00Leech
11Jon Peterson41.5, 4526.50Big
12Dustin Morgan41.5, 4526.50Kitchi
13Mike Dincau40.5, 4525.50Big
14Jon Blood43.5, 41.525.00Leech
15Jim Doyle5424.00Winnibigoshish
16Jesse Zemlicka40.5, 42.523.00Leech
17Cory Gale50.2520.25Leech
18Brian Truax49.519.5Bemidji
19John Porter49.2519.25Leech
20Kyle Bissen4919.00Leech
21Tony Brion4919.00Leech
22Jim Wolters4919.00Kitchi
23Tim Heinrichs4919.00Big
24Anthony Kubat48.2518.25Leech
25Danny Rasmussen4818.00Kitchi
26Tim Anderson47.2517.25Leech
27Mike Lambrecht46.7516.75Leech
28Leo Dery46.7516.75Big
29Alex Worobel46.516.50Big
30Tim Pietsch4616.00Leech
31Mike DeRoy4616.00Inguadona
32Jason Hansen4616.00Leech
33Erik Jorgensen4616.00Plantagenet
34Justin Korman4616.00Mantrap
35Peter Janik45.7515.75Leech
36Taylor Schroer45.2515.00Leech
37Scott Walker4515.00Pike Bay
38Benjamin Fries4515.00Leech
39Matt Billig44.7514.75Leech
40Blake Finstad44.514.50Leech
41Joe Peterson44.2514.25Bemidji
42Todd Rasmussen4414.00Bemidji
43Brent Lenke43.513.50Leech
44Clay Zimmerman43.513.50Wabedo
45Jason Knopick43.513.50Leech
46Barry Hintz43.513.50Cass
47Jeremy Hawthorne43.2513.25Leech
48Steve Cady4313.00Big
49Josh Opatz4313.00Big
50Al Emilson4313.00Cass
51Guy Lopez4313.00Leech
52Nathan Keubler42.7512.75Inguadona
53Erin Sollund42.512.50Cass
54Kurt Lehner42.512.50
55Charles Enselein42.512.50Andrusia
56Tim Weinkauf42.2512.25Mantrap
57Greg Mortenson42.2512.25Cass
58Donny Manz42.2512.25Pike Bay
59Dave Nystuen4212.00Little Boy
60Dave Bretschneider4212.00Plantagenet
61Isaac Thoe4212.00Winnibigoshish
62Jeff Smith41.511.50Kitchi
63Mike Super42.2512.50Little Boy
64Elizabeth Westlund41.2511.25Inguadona
65Wade Carlson4111.00Kitchi
66Ben Ruzak4111.00Cass
67Diane Nguyen4111.00Leech
68Lee Lincoln4111.00Leech
69Rich Tuomi40.510.50Inguadona
70Steve Ebnet40.2510.25Cass
71Roger Larson40.2510.25Leech
72Todd Blechinger4010.00Big
73Natasha Simpson4010.00Kitchi


1Anita Doenz39.59.50Cass