Frank Schneider Muskie Tournament 2022 Official Rules

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SEPTEMBER 9 & 10: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM • SEPTEMBER 11: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM


ZONE 1: Lake Bemidji • Lake Irving • Carr Lake • Lake Marquette • Stump Lake and Mississippi River between Lake Bemidji and Lake Andrusia • Big Lake
ZONE 2: Lake Andrusia • Wolf Lake • Cass Lake • Kitchie Lake • Buck Lake • Pike Bay
ZONE 3: Lake Winnibigoshish • Mississippi River between Cass Lake and Lake Winnibigoshish
ZONE 4: Leech Lake • Lake Benedict
ZONE 5: Boy Lake, Boy River, Swift Lake, Lake Inguadona, Rice Lake
ZONE 6: Lake Wabedo • Little Boy Lake
ZONE 7: Woman Lake • Girl Lake
ZONE 8: Mantrap Lake
ZONE 9: Lake Plantagenet

1. Each contestant must complete a tournament entry, comply with boat inspections, and comply with all rules.

2. Every contestant must have access to a phone with the Lake Labs app downloaded in the boat.

3. Every boat must have at least one commercially-produced, 60-inch folding or rigid bump board available. The bump board must have a fixed 90-degree angle upright section for touching head end (nose or jaw) of the fish. Measuring stick, ruler or board with sliding scale is not acceptable.

4. There must be a minimum of 2 persons in each boat. All occupants in the boat, including guides, must be registered tournament contestants whether they fish or not.

5. Boats, equipment, and conduct must comply with all Minnesota State laws. Minnesota State Fishing Licenses are required.

6. All contestants must be wearing an approved personal flotation device when the boat is under power of the gas motor.

7. As stewards/representatives of the tournament and the sport of muskie fishing, all contestants must be courteous to other contestants, tournament officials, and non-contestants.

The tournament committee reserves the right to disqualify a contestant for any obvious misconduct on the water, at a launch site, or at tournament-sponsored venues.

8. For the duration of the tournament, tournament waters may be fished ONLY during tournament hours. Hours are Friday and Saturday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday 7:00 am to 11:00 am.

9. All fish must be caught during tournament hours in designated waters using legal sport fishing tackle. ONLY ARTIFICAL LURES/BAITS MAY BE USED.

10. ALL MUSKIES ENTERED MUST BE AT LEAST 40 INCHES IN LENGTH. Fish must be returned to the water alive in the presence of one witness. Contestants must remain with the fish until it swims away unaided. Witness must be available on request to tournament officials.

11. TOURNAMENT ZONES: Tournament waters are divided into zones. All contestants must only fish in the zone they select and all boat partners must be registered to fish in the same zone. All boats must remain in the zone selected at registration for the duration of the tournament.

12. TOURNAMENT IDENTIFICATION: Each contestant will be issued a Tournament Identification badge displaying their tournament number and zone. The Tournament ID must be visible and identifiable in your bump board photo submitted for fish registration.

13. FISH REGISTRATION PHOTOS: This is a Catch, Photo & Release (CPR) tournament. Once you have caught a fish and have it in the boat, take pictures using the phone that has your Lake Labs app downloaded. You are required to submit 2 photos of your fish.

Photo 1 must show the entire fish on a commercially-produced bump board with your Tournament ID badge clearly visible. Fish’s nose or jaw must be touching upright portion of the board. Tournament officials must be able to see measurement in the photo.

Photo 2 must show contestant holding the fish. It is preferable to hold the fish in a horizontal (not vertical) position.

Submitted photos will become the property of Twin Cities Chapter of Muskies, Inc.

14. FISH REGISTRATION: Once the fish has been safely released alive and swum away unaided, register it using the Lake Labs app downloaded to your phone. You must answer a few questions and submit your 2 photos of the fish.

The time recorded by the app is the official time of registration. If you have no cell phone service at the time you enter information and submit photos, the app will send the information as soon as you have reached service using the time information was entered. A fish is not officially registered until you have received confirmation in the app.


15. POINT SYSTEM: You will receive 10 points for each 40-inch muskie released. In addition, you will receive one-half point for each 1/2 inch over 40 inches. In order to receive additional points the fish’s tail must be at or over the next measurement line – no rounding up.

Examples: 40 inches = 10 points

  • 42-1/4 inches = 10 + 2 = 12 points
  • 42-1/2 inches = 10 + 2-1/2 = 12-1/2 points
  • 42-3/4 inches = 10 + 2-1/2 = 12-1/2 points

16. TIES: In the case of multiple contestants having the same number of points, the Lake Labs app recorded time of first fish registration will be used as the tie breaker, with the earlier time getting the better place.

17. VIOLATIONS: Report any violation of tournament rules that you witness. All violations reported will be kept confidential and anonymous.

Violations must be reported as soon as possible to Tournament Director, Casey Friskney, at 715-419-1187 or [email protected]. Please include descriptive details, tournament number, and any other information that would be helpful. All violation reports must be received in writing and signed no later than 12 noon on Sunday.

If a violation has been presented against you and you to wish to contest it, you must respond in writing no later than 12:30 pm on Sunday.

The Rules Committee will make the final ruling on all violations. All parties involved will be informed of the decision. All rulings by the Committee are final.

18. INSPECTION: Judges and/or tournament officials may inspect boats, equipment and/or measuring devices at any time during the tournament until the Awards Program is completed.

19. MUSKIE DIVISION: Prizes will be awarded to the top ten anglers determined by points earned. Must be present at awards program to win.

20. JUNIOR DIVISION: Contestants under 18 years of age as of September 9, 2022 are eligible for the Junior Division. All tournament rules are the same. Junior Division will have 3 places with its own prizes. Must be present at awards program to win.

21. NORTHERN PIKE DIVISION: One prize will be awarded to the longest Northern Pike caught in the tournament. All tournament rules will apply except for length requirement which is 38 inches minimum length. Northern Pike entries are NOT eligible for the Grand Prizes. Must be present at awards program to win.

22. GRAND PRIZE DRAWINGS: The first muskie registered by each contestant (adult or junior) qualifies the contestant for an entry into Grand Prize Drawings.

To be eligible for the Grand Prize drawings, a contestant must register ONE muskie. Contestant’s name will be entered into the Grand Prize drawings ONCE AND ONLY ONCE, regardless of the number of muskies they have registered.

The Grand Prizes will be awarded at the Awards Program on Sunday.


The Grand Prize winners will be responsible for all applicable taxes associated with acceptance of Grand Prize.


YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT AWARDS PROGRAM TO WIN. All Grand Prizes and Bonuses will be awarded on Sunday. In case of ties, first fish registered will have the better place.

GRAND PRIZES. Total Grand Prize cash amount of $15,000 is based on a field of 500 paid tournament entrants. Total cash amount will be figured on a sliding scale. If there are less than 500 entrants, the total cash amount will be less than $15,000. If the number of entrants exceeds 500, the total cash amount will be more. Total amount will be divided into three equal amounts and awarded to three Grand Prize winners selected by draw.

BOB KUBISTA SENIOR BONUS. Tournament contestants over the age of 65 who register the three longest muskies and have opted to participate for the Bob Kubista Senior Bonus will receive a cash bonus, courtesy of the Bob Kubista family.

LADIES BONUS. Female contestants, regardless of age, who register the three longest muskies will receive a cash bonus, courtesy of the family of Pat Burglund.

FLY FISHING BONUS. The longest registered muskie caught and witnessed using fly fishing tackle will win gift certificates redeemable at Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop in St. Paul.

50-INCH BONUS.  Every person who registers a 50-inch muskie or longer, will receive a $50 gift certificate from Thorne Bros. redeemable in store or on-line.

LONGEST RELEASED MUSKIE.  A graphite replica from Lax Reproductions will be awarded for the longest muskie released. Fish must be a minimum of 50 inches. Please take girth measurement for fish replica.