Frank Schneider Muskie Tournament 2022 Final Standings

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The 2022 Frank Schneider Memorial Muskie Tournament was held September 9, 10, and 11. 385 anglers participated and registered 69 muskies 40 inches or over during the event. 

First place finisher was Ayden Froeschle, who boated 4 muskies on Lake Winnibigoshish. His efforts earned him a week-long trip to Red Wing Lodge on Lake of the Woods, as well as a new rod and reel from Abu Garcia and Berkley line. All of the top ten winners and junior winners received a rod, reel, and line courtesy of Pure Fishing. Ayden is 17, but registered to compete in the adult division.

Junior winner was Juliana McDougall with a 45.5-inch muskie caught on Big Lake. Second place junior was Jake Ashby with a 40-inch Leech Lake muskie. Three ladies – Juliana McDougall, Caitlin Bissen, and Mackenzie Trom – registered the top three muskies caught by a lady of any age to receive ladies bonus cash. 

The Bob Kubista Senior bonus, given to the top seniors, was awarded to Bruce Black, Alex Worobel, and Graham Hendrickson. Each received a plaque and bonus cash.

Five muskies over 50 inches were registered during the tournament and those anglers each get a $50-for-50 gift certificate from Thorne Bros.

The longest fish of the tournament was a 52-incher caught by Ayden Froeschle. Ayden will receive a replica of the fish courtesy of Lax Reproductions.

The Grand Prize this year was divided into three equal amounts, tripling the chances of winning. Grand prize winners of $3,520 each were Nick Petersen, Scott Urhammer, and Jason Higgins. 

2022 Final Standings


1Ayden Froeschle47.5, 44, 48.5, 5272Winnibigoshish
2Kyle Bisson45, 42, 48.5 45.5Leech
3James Hanson43, 41, 5044Winnibigoshish
4Matt McDonald50, 49.539.5Leech
5Jackson Maalis41, 43, 4539Winnibigoshish
6Adam Manz49, 4635Pike Bay
7Doug Ackley45, 4934Big
8Carson Tembrock49, 40.529.5Big
9Scott Urhammer45, 43.528.5Cass
10Josh Opatz44.5, 4226.5Big
11Danny Martin42, 4426Winnibigoshish
12Ryan Foss5121Cass
13Jamison Holland5121Boy
14Rory Potter49.519.5Andrusia
15Jim Doyle4919Winnibigoshish
16Ben Collette48.518.5Little Boy
17Lucas Higginbotham 4818Kitchie
18Guy Lopez4818Leech
19Thomas Klein4818Leech
20Travis Johnson47.517.5Big Boy
21Mike Dincau47.517.5Big
22Mike Jensen4717Cass
23Jason Higgins46.516.5Cass
24Bruce Black46.516.5Little Boy
25Ethan Stout4616Mantrap
26Chad Odell4515Leech
27Alfred Wurm4515Cass
28Tim Hinrichs44.514.5Big
29Tony Sommerfeld44.514.5Winnibigoshish
30Caitlin Bisson4414Leech
31Luke Kalina4414Big
32Chris Whitney43.513.5Leech
33Corey Gale43.513.5Leech
34Dobber Stott43.513.5Cass
35Mackenzie Trom43.513.5Wolf
36Matt Olson4313Leech
37Eric Nevermann4313Leech
38Kevin Greenberg42.512.5Cass
39Sam Dally42.512.5Mantrap
40Steve Sweetland42.512.5Leech
41Chance Hinrichs4212Big
42Joe Hartman41.511.5Plantagenet
43Alex Worobel41.511.5Big
44Andrew Steffen41.511.5Leech
445Chris Weglinski4111Leech
46Josh Hawke4111Mantrap
47Jim Gugin40.510.5Leech
48Erik Bakke40.510.5Leech
49Craig Marusic4010Leech
50Nick Peterson4010Big
51Joe Miller4010Leech


1Julia McDougall45.515.5Big
2Jake Ashby4010Leech