George Wahl Muskie Tournament 2020 Final Standings

Anglers reported seeing fish, having some near-misses, and just having a hard time getting them to eat during the George Wahl Memorial Muskie Tournament on Saturday, September 26. In all, eleven anglers registered muskies 40 inches or over. Lake Harriett and Minnetonka produced 3 muskies each, with the rest coming from Independence, Waconia, Forest and White Bear.

Cole Klaus earned the most points in the tournament with a 52-inch muskie from Lake Independence. In addition to the plaque, lure and Thorne Bros. gift card, Cole received a $1000 check for first place as well as an additional $50 gift card from Thorne Bros. from their $50-for-50-inch program.

Second place winner was Logan Luko who was the only angler to register more than one fish with 40.5 and 40-inch muskies from Lake Waconia. Logan reported catching 3 other muskies that were under 40 inches. Second place finish earned Logan a $500 check.

Ryan Connelly with a 44.5-inch muskie from Lake Harriet won third place. He received a $250 check for the third place finish.

Linda Knutson registered the only muskie caught by a lady. The 41.5-inch muskie earned her a Mary Villnow Memorial plaque and $150 cash bonus.

Every person who registered a muskie was entered in the Grand Prize drawing. Winner of the Grand Prize, a trip for 4 to Whitefish Bay Camp on Lake of the Woods and $500, was Mike Plog who registered his muskie only 15 minutes before fishing ended.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event goes towards our local metro-area muskie fishery. Thank you to all who participated in the 2020 tournament and helped contribute a little to the fishery.


1Cole Klaus5222Independence
2Logan Luko40.5, 4020.5Waconia
3Ryan Connelly44.514.5Harriet
4Chico Rodriguiz4313Forest
5Taylor Hamel42.512.5White Bear
6Chris Griffin42.512.5Minnetonka
7Noah LaCoursiere4212White Bear
8Chris Fusco41.511.5Harriet
9Linda Knutson41.511.5Minnetonka
10Ron Olson40.510.5Harriet
11Mike Plog40.510.5Minnetonka