Previous Grant Awards


The Hugh C. Becker Grant Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of grants for 2012.

Please NOTE that in 2011, the grant was designated to be received by the Pomme de Terre Chapter #05 of Muskies Inc. was rescinded because the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation did not provide any matching funds for their youth project. The Chapter is undertaking the complete project in 2012 and these funds plus will be granted; see below. Also NOTE that the Twin Cities Chapter #01 of Muskies Inc. returned $4,840.00 from the 2011 grant for stocking/studying White Bear Lake, MN, because fish were not available. And NOTE that a contingency for the proposal submitted by the Brainerd Lakes Chapter #24 of Muskies Inc., for land acquisition (2,000 acres and 2.5 miles of river frontage) along the upper Mississippi River, depends on the approval of the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Fund for $14,000,000.00. A Grant will be given in 2013 if these funds are approved.

In order of funding dates for 2012, with amounts, totaling $93,400.00, they are:

To provide funds to the Minnesota DNR, Bemidji Area Fisheries Office, for muskie trap-netting equipment.


For replacing storm-damaged netting over a muskie-raising pool at the Lost Valley Hatchery in Missouri, matching funds to the Pomme de Terre Chapter of Muskies Inc. #05.

March…..$ 700.00

To fund the Minnesota DNR Field Fisheries Offices in four (4) Areas: West Metro, Little Falls, East Metro, and Montrose, with equipment to enhance muskie management  and on-going research. The proposal was submitted by the North Metro Chapter of Muskies Inc. #21, and will be granted to them for area distribution.


To support the continuing efforts of the Twin Cities Chapter of Muskies Inc. #01, in promoting, organizing, and operating the Minnesota High School muskie-fishing championship program.

April…… $1,500.00

To support the youth program of the Pomme de Terre Chapter of Muskies Inc. #05, (see above NOTE), for the educational shelters in the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area near St. Charles, MO.


To provide funds to the First Wisconsin Chapter of Muskies Inc. #06, for youth outings fishing equipment.


For continuing support of the Dam Escapement Study by the University of Illinois, Natural History Survey, headed by Dr. David Wahl and graduate student Max Wolter. (See Illinois DNR magazine, Outdoor Illinois, January, 2012).


To partially fund the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for their proposed muskie-tagging program at the Linesville, PA, State Fish Hatchery. The grant is for the equipment to be rented from Northwest Marine Technology purchased for future use for this research.


To continue partial funding of the research project at Elk Lake in Itasca State Park on the “Pelagic habitat preference of muskellunge and cisco”. This support is sponsored by the Brainerd Lakes Chapter of Muskies Inc. #24, which is providing some matching funds.


To support the St. Cloud Chapter # 37, youth programs, including the Lake George outing with Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Waite Park Family Fun Festival at Garden Island Pond.


For matching funds for the “Turning Leaf Program”, for youth, initiated and organized by Between the Lakes Chapter of Muskies Inc. #20.


To provide funds to partially purchase equipment for the newly formed youth fishing camp by Long Lake Conservation Center in Palisade, MN.


To help support construction of an electric fish barrier on West Okoboji Lake on the Iowa Great Lakes through the Upper Great Plains Chapter of Muskies Inc. #29. This is in conjunction with research findings of the Illinois Dam Escapement project. (see above)


To fund the Minnow (feed) Project at Linesville, PA State Fish Hatchery, through the proposal submitted by the Three Rivers Chapter of Muskies Inc. #16.


To support the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation in their efforts to acquire the land for the protection of habitat, including spawning grounds, in Miller Bay of Leech Lake.


For the muskie stocking of fingerlings in the Fox Chain of Lakes and possibly Loon Lake, in Illinois through the Fox River Valley Chapter of Muskies Inc.


To support the Fox River Valley Chapter of Muskies Inc., in their youth activities through the Illinois Urban Fishing program.


To partially assist the efforts of Muskies Canada, Inc., for the Lake Simco Muskellunge Restoration Project.


To the continued support of the stocking program of the Hayward Lakes Chapter of Muskies Inc. #13.


To commemorate the fifty-year (50) anniversary of Muskies Inc., the Hugh C. Becker is interested in sponsoring the proposed Muskie Symposium to be held in 2016 in the Twin Cities area. At this time an escrow account will be established and additional funds will be made annually to defray anticipated expenses. Other contingencies and consideration will be made public as time approaches.



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