George Wahl Tournament - Aquatic Invasive Species

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Due to the concern about the spread of zebra mussels and other invasive species, the DNR has asked us to have every angler indicate their boat status. 

If your boat has NOT been in ANY other water than the tournament lake you will be fishing, you will have to do nothing.

If your boat HAS been in ANY waters other than the body of water you will be fishing during the tournament in the 30 days before the tournament, it must have been out of the water and completely dry (including live wells, bilges, and any other part of the boat which may be capable of holding water) for 5 CONSECUTIVE DAYS before the tournament.

If it has not been dry for 5 consecutive days, you will be asked to have it inspected and decontaminated at a DNR approved station. An inspection and decontamination unit will be at Grey's Bay on Minnetonka the day of the tournament. There may be other decontamination stations around the metro area. Please call tournament director Denise Olson at 612-804-4687 for locations.