George Wahl Official Tournament Rules 2016

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 • 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

You MUST have a copy of Saturday’s Minneapolis StarTribune or St. Paul Pioneer Press (no weekly papers) with you to include in your picture of a registered fish.

1. Boats, equipment, and conduct must comply with all Minnesota State laws. Minnesota State Fishing Licenses are required. If you are fishing Minneapolis city lakes, you must comply with regulations regarding gas motors.

2. There must be a minimum of two PERSONS in each boat. All occupants in the boat, including guides, must be registered tournament -contestants whether they fish or not. 

3. All occupants of the boat must be wearing an approved personal flotation device whenever gas motor(s) are running. Kill switch must be physically attached to operator whenever gas motor(s) are running.

4. All fish must be caught during tournament hours in the -designated waters using legal sportfishing tackle. ONLY -ARTIFICIAL LURES/BAIT MAY BE USED.

5. All muskies entered must be a minimum of 40 inches in length.

Contestants must remain with the muskie until it swims away unaided. Fish must be returned to the water alive in the -presence of one witness. Fish may not be transported. Fish that have been taken to a scale will be disqualified. 

The first muskie registered by each contestant qualifies -contestant for an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing.

6. TOURNAMENT HOURS: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

7. FISH REGISTRATION: To register a fish, contestant must call in to tournament headquarters, turn in a Fish Registration form, and download/email a photo of the fish.

Call in to tournament headquarters when you catch a muskie 40 inches or longer (phone numbers are printed on the Fish Registration form). Time of registration will be the time of your call to tournament headquarters.

All Fish Registration forms must be turned in and photos received by 7:00 pm. 

A fish is not -considered officially registered until a Fish Registration form and photo are turned in and they have been reviewed by Tournament Officials.  

8. PHOTO OF FISH: Digital photo must show you holding your fish. It is preferable to hold the fish in a horizontal (not vertical) position.

You must have a Saturday, September 24 newspaper (Minneapolis Star Tribune or St. Paul Pioneer Press - no weekly papers). The newspaper must be visible and identifiable in the photo. 

Film cameras and disposable (one-time use) cameras are not acceptible. If you use a smart phone to take your photo, please email it to after you have made your call. Photos taken on a digital camera will be downloaded at the awards. You must have the USB cord for your camera available. Photos will become the property of Muskies Inc.  

9. POINT SYSTEM: You will receive 10 points for each 40-inch muskie released. In -addition, you will receive one point or -fraction thereof for each inch or fraction over 40 inches -measured to the -nearest 1/2 inch. 1/2inch gets 1/2 point.

Examples: 40 inches = 10 points
42-1/2 inches = 10 + 2-1/2 = 12-1/2 points

10. In the case of multiple contestants having the same number of points, the order of place will be determined by the time of the first fish registration by each contestant, with the earlier time getting the better place.

11. CONTESTANT CONDUCT: All contestants must be -courteous to others. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to -disqualify a contestant for any obvious misconduct on the water or at launch sites.

12. Any protest of violation of Tournament Rules must be -presented in writing and signed. Protests must be turned in at Awards before 7:00 pm. Issue will be resolved in person with all -parties involved and Tournament Judges. 


14. Judges may inspect boats at any time during the tournament.

15. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to require a POLYGRAPH TEST of any winners at contestant’s expense.

16. JUNIOR DIVISION: Contestants under age 18 are eligible for the Junior Division. All tournament rules are the same. Junior Division will have 3 places with its own prizes. Junior Division entries are eligible for the Grand Prize.

1. To be eligible for the Grand Prize, a contestant must ­register one muskie. 
2. Contestant’s name will be entered into the Grand Prize ­drawing once and only once, ­regardless of the ­number of muskies registered. 
3. The Grand Prize winner will be selected by draw at Awards Program. Winner MUST be present at the Awards Program. 
The three women contestants of any age with the highest number of points will receive:
$250 - Highest Point Total
$175 - 2nd Highest Point Total
$75 - 3rd Highest Point Total
to be awarded in cash by Paul Villnow in memory of Mary Villnow.