Presidents Award

The President’s Award is presented to a person or business when deemed appropriate by the board to honor and thank them. Qualifications include: Service to the TC Chapter of Muskies Inc.; helping the muskie resource; and helping with the goals of Muskies Inc.

The first President’s Award was presented to Frank Dusenka of Frankie’s Marine at the 2011 Sportsman’s Banquet.

Denise Olson received the President's Award at the 2014 Sportman's Banquet for the quantity and quality of the work she does on behalf of the Twin Cities Chapter of Muskes Inc.

Jeff Arnold on behalf of Reed's Family Outdoor Outfitters was awarded the President's Award at the 2015 Frank Schneider Memorial Muskie Tournament for the contributions Jeff, the Arnold family and Reed's has made to the tournament over its many years.

John Underhill and Aaron Meyer recieved the President's Award in 2015 for their outstanding dedication and service to the purposes of the MMPA and the protection and advancement of muskies and muskie-fishing in the State of Minnesota